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Mr. Malik Zafar Javaid

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Mr. Malik Zafar Javaid ( Chief Compliance & Risk Officer )

Malik Zafar Javaid carries over 29+ years of experience of capital market operations, Corporate Laws/Regulations and managing business operations. He has expertise in managing business operations of the Financial Sector, Capital Markets, Corporate Affairs, Business Transformations and digitization of Customer On-boarding, automation of KYC/AML system, payment solutions and back-office operations leading towards efficient control and management. 

He has been part of JSIL's team since 2006. Mr. Zafar has led the Operations Team and business transformations at JSIL for over 14 years. Currently, He is serving as Chief Compliance & Risk Officer. He has a good track record of implementing, enforcing and ensuring compliance of regulatory framework and legal requirements applicable to business operations.

Prior to joining JSIL, Mr. Zafar had extensive experience of working with Lahore Stock Exchange where he was managing Company Affairs Department of the Exchange. As a front-end regulator, he was involved in listings of the securities, monitoring compliance and enforcement of Corporate Laws on the listed companies. He was also a core member of the team which was responsible for designing the framework of Trading Rules leading the development of first automated trading system of Pakistan, i.e. Lahore On-Line Trading System (LOTS).

Mr. Zafar Javaid holds a masters degree in Public Administration with a major in Finance from University of the Punjab.