JS Momentum Factor ETF (-) | JSETF: - INAV

Business and Services Partners

Product Distribution:

1. Standard Chartered Bank
2. Investomate (Pvt) LTD Formerly Akbar Ali
3. Investlink Advisor (Pvt) LTD Formerly 4Sight
4. Rabia Fida
5. Bank Islami Pakistan LTD
6. BMA Capital Management Ltd
7. One Capital (PVT) LTD
8. Pyramid Financial Consultants (Pvt)
9. JS Global
10. Alpha Capital
11. JS Bank Ltd
12. Akseer Research Pvt Limited
13. Syed Nasheed Ahmed-Individual
14- Trust Securities and Brokerage Limited
15. Elphinstone Pakistan ( Pvt) Limited
16. Blue Stone Capital

Trustee Services:

1. Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC)

2.Digital Custodian Company Limited (DCCL)

Shariah Advisor:

Al Hilal Shariah Advisors (Pvt) Limited

Takaful Coverage Providers:

EFU Life Assurance Window Family Takaful Operation

Legal Advisers:

Bawaney and Partners

Company’s Auditors :

M/s. KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co

Funds Auditors:

1. Grant Thorton Anjum Rahman & Co.

2. A.F. Ferguson & Co.

Company’s Share Registrar:

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC)

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