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Separately Managed Account

Customized investment solutions for high net worth and large corporate customers.

Your wealth management needs rise as your assets grow. Our separately managed accounts cater to your enhanced wealth management requirements. An SMA is a portfolio of investments that is managed on your behalf by a dedicated Investment Manager. Your portfolio is customized according to your financial requirements and risk tolerance.

Service Offered

JSIL offers personalized discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios tailored to the specific needs of the account holder and managed by investment professionals. A discretionary SMA allows the Investment Manager to buy and sell securities at his discretion as permitted by the account holder. Under non-discretionary SMA, Fund Manager provides the client with in-depth investment advisory services based on the client’ needs.
    1. * Comprehensive MIS of portfolio investments, value and returns of funds managed under SMA
    1. * Preferential brokerage rates on fixed income and equity transactions through associated concerns
    1. * No sales load on investment in mutual funds managed by JS Investments Limited
These services are available for high net worth individual investors and institutional investors with minimum investment amount of PKR 3 million.    

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