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JS Islamic Premium Fund (JSIPF)

Investment Objective

The primary objective of the JS Islamic Premium Fund is to optimize income generation for its investors through prudent investment strategies adhering to Islamic principles. This is achieved by strategically allocating funds towards shariah-compliant, high-caliber Islamic Financial Sector instruments (primarily Islamic microfinance banks/Islamic windows of conventional microfinance banks), Sukuks, Bank deposits of Islamic microfinance banks and Islamic banks, and short-term shariah compliant money market instruments.

What is JSIPF?

JSIPF is a sector-specific shariah-compliant income scheme. JSIPF is smartly crafted within the framework of Shariah principles. Investors can expect attractive returns, ample liquidity, and a well-diversified portfolio with a medium risk profile. The fund's strategy centers on augmenting income through investments in high-quality Shariah-compliant assets within the Islamic Microfinance sector, Shariah-compliant bank deposits, and short-term Shariah-compliant Money Market instruments.

Why should you invest in JSIPF?

JSIPF is a smart choice for those seeking a Shariah compliant financially rewarding investments. This fund is designed in accordance with Shariah principles, assuring investors of ethical alignment. It offers the attractive returns, making it an appealing choice for growth. With ample liquidity and a well-diversified portfolio featuring a medium risk profile, it strikes a balance between safety and growth potential.

Term Sheet JS Islamic Premium Fund (JSIPF)
Launch Date 03 November, 2023
Fund Type Shariah Compliant Sector Specific Income Scheme
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment PKR500
Asset Manager Rating AM2+
Fund Stability Rating A(f) by PACRA
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Front End Load Up to 2% of NAV (subject to applicable duties/taxes)
Management Fee Up to 2% [exclusive SST]
Risk Profile Medium
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
Shariah Advisor Al – Hilal Shariah Advisors
Trustee Digital Custodian Company Limited (DCCL)
Auditor Grant Thornton Anjum Rahman
Benchmark 6 months Average deposit rate of three (3) A rated Scheduled Islamic Banks or Islamic Windows of conventional banks as selected by MUFAP

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