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JS Islamic Pension

Saving Fund

Investment Objective

JSIPSF objective is to ensure optimum return and reasonable safety of capital by investing in Shariah Compliant securities.

What is JSIPSF?

JSIPSF is a fund under Voluntary Pension System (VPS) which provides its investors with regular income after retirement when they can no longer earn regular income. There is a wide range of investment options depending on investors retirement goals, age and risk appetite.

Why should you invest in JSIPSF?

If you are willing to build voluntary pension for financial security after retirement. JSPSF is good option for you. You can invest in a combination of sub-Funds (Equity | Debt | Money Market) to match your risk/ return profile.

Term Sheet JS Islamic Pension
Fund Name JS Islamic Pension Saving Fund
Currency PKR
Retirement Age Any age, between 60 to 70 years, of your choice
Allocation Scheme High Volatility, Medium Volatility, Low Volatility, Lower Volatility
Early Retirement Upon permissible disability, same benefits as per normal retirement
Free Insurance Free accidental death and disability insurance of up to PKR 5 million
Asset Manager Rating AM2+ by PACRA
Front End Load 3% of Net Asset Value
Risk Profile Varies for every individual as per the selected "Allocation Scheme".
Management Fee Equity sub fund: Upto 1.50% p.a; Debt sub fund: Upto 0.050% p.a; Money Market sub fund: Upto 0.50% p.a - (Exclusive of SST)
Shariah Advisor Al- Hilal Shariah Advisors
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
Auditor A.F Ferguson & Co

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