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JS Islamic Fund (JSISF)

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to provide investors seeking a Shariah compliant investment avenue an optimum rate of return, reasonable concern for safety of capital and to provide to the investors liquidity to join or leave the fund at their convenience.

What is JSISF?

JSISF is an open-end Equity Fund which invests in high quality stocks. The Fund offers high returns available via the Stock-market, and also entails the risk associated with these markets.

Why should you invest in JSISF?

Investors looking to invest in a high quality dividend yielding shariah compliant stocks and want to diversify their investments over a longer period of time, JSISF is a good option for them.

Term Sheet JS Islamic Fund (JSISF)
Launch Date 27 December, 2002
Fund Type Open end Shariah Compliant Equity Fund
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment 1 Unit
Asset Manager Rating AM2+ by PACRA
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Front End Load 3%
Management Fee Up to 2% of Average Annual Net Assets
Risk Profile High
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Shariah Advisor Al – Hilal Shariah Advisors
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
Auditor Grant Thornton Anjum Rahman | Chartered Accountants
Benchmark KMI 30 Index

5 years performance

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