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JS Growth Fund (JSGF)

Investment Objective

The objective of the Fund is to enable its investors to participate in a diversified portfolio of high quality equity securities aiming at maximizing the investment return by prudent investment management.

What is JSGF?

JSGF is an open-end Equity Fund which invests in high quality stocks. The Fund offers high returns available via the Stock-market, and also entails the risk associated with these markets.

Who should invest in JSGF?

If you are looking for attractive returns via a diversified portfolio of high quality dividend yielding stocks, JSVF is an ideal option for you.

Term Sheet JS Growth Fund (JSGF)
Launch Date 06 June, 2006
Fund Type Open end Equity Fund
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment 1 Unit
Asset Manager Rating AM 2+ by PACRA
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Front End Load 3%
Management Fee Up to 2% of Average Annual Net Assets
Risk Profile High
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Trustee Digital Custodian Company Limited
Auditor A. F. Ferguson & Co.
Benchmark KSE - 30 Index

5 years performance

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