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JS Cash Fund (JSCF)

Money Market Fund

JS Cash Fund (JSCF) offers investors with stable Money-Market based returns comparable to prevailing bank deposit rates, while ensuring daily liquidity. The Fund maintains a diversified portfolio of low-risk short-term money-market instruments and bank placements.

The Fund aims to seek reasonable rate of return while maintaining high liquidity by investing primarily in low risk short-term instruments including money market instruments.

What is JSCF?

JSCF is an open-end Money Market Fund which maintains a portfolio of very low risk Money Market instruments. The Fund offers competitive returns versus prevailing Bank deposit rates, along with the flexibility to put in or take out your money at your convenience. JSCF is an ideal solution for short-term savings.

Why should you invest in JSCF?

If you are looking for secure and stable returns, with very low risk, and flexibility to access your money at any time, then JSCF is an ideal option for you.

5 years performance

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