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Investment Objective

JSIPSF is designed to provide a reliable and Halal source of savings and retirement income to individuals. JSIPSF is a Shariah Compliant voluntary pension scheme provides individuals the flexibility in contributions and portfolio customization through allocation of such contributions among equity and income investments avenues suited to specific needs and risk profiles.

What is JSIPSF?

JSIPSF is a fund under Voluntary Pension System (VPS), which provides its investors with regular income after retirement when they can no longer earn regular income.
There is a wide range of investment options depending on investors retirement goals, age and risk appetite.

Who can invest in JSIPSF?

If you are willing to build voluntary pension for financial security after retirement. JSIPSF is good option for you.
You can invest in a combination of sub-Funds (Equity | Debt | Money Market) to match your risk/ return profile.


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