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Investment Objective

JSIAAP -2 is a limited-term (2 Years) active allocation plan offered under “JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds – 2(JSIHFOF-2)”. The plan aims to generate superior returns by dynamically managing the plan’s exposure in “Income Portion” and “Equity Portion” based on the investment view on the different asset classes.

What is JSIAAP -2?

JSIAAP -2 is the first plan based on Shariah Compliant Fund of Funds Scheme, JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds – 2. The plan has an initial term of two years and will use active asset allocation strategy for providing competitive returns on your investment.

Who can invest in JSIAAP -2?

The Fund is now closed for subscription.
If you are looking to build wealth via Allocation Plan investing in Mutual Funds, and are seeking features like Active Allocation, then JSIAAP -2 is an Investment Plan to suit your needs.

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