JS Momentum Factor ETF (-) | JSETF: - INAV



Investment Objective::

JSCPF -V aims at protecting investor capital through the Investment structure by placing a significant percentage of the Fund’s Deposited Property as term deposit(s).

What is JSCPF – V?

JSPCF -V is an open end Capital Protected Scheme which invests a certain percentage of the Trust Property in term deposit(s) at the time of initial placement, to ensure Capital Protection of the Initial Investment Value upon maturity. The remaining Trust Property, is primarily invested in equity markets.

Who should invest in JSCPF-V?

The Fund is now closed for subscription.
If you are looking for equity-linked higher returns, without risking your capital, this type of Fund can be ideal for you. JSIL offers such funds from time to time, with a limited subscription period.



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