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Ms. Aisha Fariel Salahuddin

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Ms. Aisha Fariel Salahuddin (Director)

Ms. Aisha Fariel serves as an independent director at JS Investments Limited, bringing a diverse professional background to her role. She holds the degrees on Bachelor of Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences and Master of Public Administration from Columbia University in New York. Ms. Fariel has a wealth of experience in journalism, investment banking, energy policy advisory, and entrepreneurship, contributing to her versatile skill set.

As the Founder and CEO of UpTrade, she has innovatively pioneered a bartering model that empowers off-grid farmers by utilizing their livestock as a unique form of currency. This initiative significantly contributes to the economic development of rural areas. With over a decade of international expertise in energy finance, project development, and energy policy, Ms. Fariel has worked in diverse regions, including Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, and the Middle East and North Africa.

In her advisory capacity, she has provided valuable insights to governments and private sectors on critical matters such as energy policy, pricing, and reforms. Furthermore, Ms. Fariel also holds the position of Independent Director on the board of Pakistan Paper Products Limited.

Other Directorships:
1. Pakistan Paper Products Limited