JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds (JSIHFOF)

Investment Objectives

JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds aims to generate need-based returns for its clients by offering several Allocation Baskets/Plans with varying mix of exposures to low / high risk asset classes via underlying mutual funds. Investment Objectives of the Allocation Baskets/Plans initially offered under JSIHFOF are as follows:


(Balanced Basket/Plan with Income preference)

Mustahkem Basket/Plan shall aim to provide the Investors with a low risk basket/plan primarily investing in Shariah compliant sovereign / income / money market funds (Income portion). The basket/plan attempts to enhance the returns through limited exposure to Shariah compliant Equity Funds (Equity Portion). This Allocation Basket/Plan is suitable for Investors who have low to moderate risk tolerance.


(Active Allocation Basket/Plan)

The Mutanasib Basket/Plan follows a robust and active asset allocation strategy between Shariah Compliant Equity Funds and Shariah Compliant Sovereign, Income and Money Market Funds, to achieve high risk-adjusted returns. The Basket/Plan shall attempt to benefit from performance of Equity schemes and limit downside risk by active reallocation of its portfolio between Equity Portion and Income Portion. This Allocation Basket/Plan is suitable for Investors who have a relatively higher risk tolerance.


(Balanced Basket/Plan with Equity preference)

The aim of Mufeed Basket/Plan is to offer an enhanced growth potential to its Investors by taking high exposure in Shariah Compliant Equity Funds (Equity Portion), while keeping an appropriate exposure to Shariah Compliant Sovereign, Income and Money Market Funds (Income Portion), to optimize risk. This Allocation Basket/Plan is suitable for Investors who have a moderate to high-risk tolerance.

Term Sheet JS Islamic Hybrid
Launch Date 07 June, 2017
Fund Type Open end Shariah Compliant Fund of Funds
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment 1 Unit
Asset Manager Rating AM 2 by JCR- VIS
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Front End Load Mustanad 0% | Mustehkam 0.5% | Mutanasib Up to 3% | Mufeed Up to 3% | Munafa Up to 3% of Average Annual Net Assets
Management Fee Nil (Up to 1% M.Fee p.a. applicable on investments made in CIS not managed by JSIL)
Risk Profile Low-Moderate-High (as per allocation basket/plan)
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Trustee KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
Shariah Advisor Al – Hilal Shariah Advisors
Auditor KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
Benchmark Weighted average daily return of KMI 30 index, six (6)/ three (3) month average deposit rates of three (3) 'A' rated scheduled Islamic Banks or Islamic Banking windows of scheduled Commercial Banks, as selected by MUFAP based on actual proportion of the Equity Portion consisting of Shariah Compliant Equity Funds, Income Portion consisting of Shariah Compliant Income and Money Market Funds, and any Cash or Near cash instruments in each of the Allocation Baskets".


Medium/Long term wealth creation solution

A Plan to suit your needs

Diversified Portfolio of Funds

Managed by Professional Fund Managers

Easy Investment & Withdrawal

Online portal facility

Who should invest in JSIHFOF?

If you are looking to grow your wealth by investing in Mutual Funds, JSIHFoF has an Investment Plan that will be an ideal match for your needs.

What is JSIHFOF?

JSIHFoF is an open-end Fund that invest in other Mutual Funds. JSIHFoF offers a number of Investment Plans suited for investors with varying risk/return profiles.

Allocation Plan Income Portion Equity Portion Cash and/or Near Cash instruments*
Mustahkem Up to 100% Up to 30% Up to 10%
Mutanasib 0%-100% 0%-100% Up to 10%
Mufeed Up to 30% Up to 100% Up to 10%

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