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Why Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds make investing simple, accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of how much you have to invest or what your investment goals are. The advantages of mutual funds include liquidity, tax benefits, professional management, diversification, accessibility, security, as well as strict government regulation and full disclosure.


Liquidity Mutual Funds provide the opportunity for long term growth without the requirement of any long term commitment, as mutual funds provide the option to redeem your investment on a daily basis.
Tax Benefits Mutual funds in Pakistan are exempted from tax as Mutual Funds have to distribute 90% of their income to Unit Holders. Additionally, bonus units may be redeemed without any tax liability.
Professional Management Dedicated research team, specialized portfolio management, and risk management oversight and controls.
Diversification regardless of small Investment Amount Mutual Funds provide the opportunity to establish a well diversified portfolio without the large investment typically required to achieve this diversification.
Active Management Investments with mutual funds attempt to weather all storms as AMC's, who specialize in managing your investments, take advantage of ups & downs in the market.
Accessibility A Mutual Fund allows you to invest without requiring a large investment - in fact at JSIL you can invest for as little as PKR 100. This means that small amounts may be invested over a period of time.
Security Net Assets of a Mutual Fund are completely under the custody the Trustee which ensures that the fund is operating within the investment policy as detailed in the Trust Deed.
Regulated by SECP Mutual Funds are fully regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, ensuring investor's rights to be afforded protection.


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