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Our people are our greatest asset - and we believe it is our role as Human Resources to make sure we get the best out of them.


We attract some of the most talented people, both from within the country and abroad, to work with us. Our focus on excellence is unswerving; our shareholders and our customers deserve the best.


With this as our prime conviction, we look for the best, invest in them and help develop them to their maximum potential through well-planned training and career building opportunities.


Being able to recruit, develop and retain the best people in the industry has certainly been the most important ingredient in our success.

Success Stories

  • Malik Zafar Javaid - Head of Operations

    I had joined JSIL as a Regional Head of Operations in Lahore almost two years ago to look after the operations of Northern region. Since then, I have been allowed to go as far as I wanted with my career, as long as I showed the commitment to deliver. With every step, I have been given all the tools I need to perform. My work with JSIL has definitely enriched my profile and my career too. Just recently I have been relocated from Lahore to Karachi with a bigger role and enhanced responsibilities. Within a short span of two years, I have risen to the position of Head of Operations. The environment over here encourages learning and is conducive for my professional ambitions. It reflects the company┬┐s confidence on its employees┬┐ capabilities and its approach to recognize their services and efforts. This not only encourages me to work with more enthusiasm but keeps giving me greater opportunities to prove myself and keep delivering results while working in a bigger market. I feel proud to be associated with JSIL, the premier and largest asset management company in the private sector.

  • Arslan Asif Soomro - Fund Manager

      Being equipped with the theoretical knowledge of the dynamic, yet challenging, financial markets, I was searching for an opportunity to gain practical insight in the industry and was confident in choosing JSIL as a preferred choice to embark my career path. After graduating with a First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Investment and Financial Risk Management from Cass Business School, London, I joined JS Investments Ltd (JSIL) as an apprentice in July 2009, which was subsequently translated to a permanent Research Analyst position. Thereafter, I was further elevated as a Fund Manager and was given the tasks of managing clients money and ensure utmost quality services to our highly valued investors.
      JSIL offers an excellent platform to aspirants in the field of financial markets. Intensive on-the-job training, strong emphasis on professionalism, encouraging creative ideas and honing intellectual expertise - have been the key attributes of my career at JSIL. Working with individuals with truly outstanding caliber, persistently encourages us to develop our skill-set and compete in identifying investment ideas that benefit our prestigious clients. The life at JSIL is fast-paced, challenging and professional rewarding, offering a tremendous learning curve that facilitates employees to attain their professional goals, respectively.
      I derive immense pleasure from my association with JSIL, solely because of its belief in treating employees as their intellectual assets.

  • Zafar Iqbal Ahmed - Head of Fund Accounting

    Mr. Zafar Iqbal joined JS Investments Limited as Assistant Manager in 2005. He was awarded double promotion in 2007 for his exceptional performance in Operations department and valuable input for launching of ERP systems evolving current procedures & practices with his analytical and time management skills. He is associated with Operations of Unit Management, Settlements (Equity & Money Market), Authority Management, Investment Banking functions. He was transferred to Finance Department and promoted to Assistant Vice President Finance, current he is serving as Head of Fund Accounting.

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