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Voluntary Pension Schemes

Government employees have historically been the only people in Pakistan with access to pension schemes while a sizeable majority of the population, salaried professionals and self-employed individuals have never had access to a structured and well regulated pension scheme.


More often than not, we tend to think we are not making enough money or are too young to start planning for retirement. Else, we are too busy climbing the ladder of success and spending for our short term needs and desires. In the midst of it all, what we often forget, is that cannot not always continue to work at the same pace and our income will not rise forever. Making a retirement plan is essential because the cost of living is constantly rising, along with the continuously increasing worldwide gap between demand and supply of resources. Cost of buying a precious retirement home, running a kitchen or the cost of a vacation every now and then, have all increased significantly for every subsequent generation. We could leave our retirement to chance and see how life unfolds or we could plan and make our retirement dreams come true.


Think ahead, from today.


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  • JS Islamic Income Payment Plan

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