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How regularly should you invest?

It's better in the long run to invest small amounts regularly than to invest larger sums occasionally. How much should you invest each month? More is better, but some, even small amounts, will add up over time. Saving steadily for your goals is a good habit to develop. Investing your savings on a regular basis is even better. Investing consistently puts more horsepower into your savings and can put you on track to reach your financial goals.

Discipline yourself to invest regularly by making investing a priority - part of the monthly budget. The earlier you get started, the faster you can build your savings because time - and compounding - are on your side. Consider the example in the graph below. Ali begins at age 25 and contributes 2,000 each year for ten years and then stops adding money to the account. Kashif invests 2,000 each year for 30 years, starting at age 35. Assuming both earn an investment return of 8% per year after expenses, can you predict which investor will come out ahead?



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