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JS Investments  
Financial Statements

Free Float of the Shares of Company
Shareholding Pattern 
Third Quarter - SEP 2019

Funds Performance Reports

Fund Manager Report - NOV 2019

GIPS Compliant Performance Reporting     (For the period ended June 2019)

Product Brochures

Investment Guide
JS Income Fund
JS Cash Fund
Unit Trust of Pakistan
JS Value Fund
JS Pension Saving Fund
JS Large Cap. Fund
JS Islamic Pension Saving Fund
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds
JS Islamic Fund
JS Income Fund
JS Growth Fund
JS Fund of Funds
Tax Flyer

Application Forms-Mutual Fund

Purchase of Units Form for JSIHFOF
Redemption Form
Conversion Form (Formerly: Fund Exchange Form)
Conversion Form for JSIHFOF
Transfer of Units Form
Pledge of Units Form
Request for Change in Form of Units
Account Update Form
Risk Profiling Questionnaire (RPQ) - For Individual Clients
Risk Profiling Questionnaire (RPQ) - For Corporate Clients
Declaration for Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
Account Opening Form
Purchase of Units Form
KYC form

Application Forms - Voluntary Pension Schemes

Account Opening Form - IPP
Account Opening Form - VPS
Account Update Form
Application - Health Declaration Form
Contribution Form
Employer and 3rd Party Contribution Form
Nominee Withdrawal Form
Withdrawal Form

Policies & Procedures

Provisioning Policy for Non-Performing Exposure of Collective Investment Schemes
Code of Conduct
Proxy Policy of JS Investments
Materiality Policy for Funds Under Management

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and
Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Forms

Fatca Form
CRS Form for Individuals
CRS Form for Entities
CRS Form for Controlling Person

Email Request for electronic transmission of Audited Financial Statements Email Request Form for JSIL
Email Request Form Under Management
E-Dividend Form E-Dividend Form
Details Of Unclaimed Dividend -D1
Details Of Unclaimed Dividend -D2
Details Of Unclaimed Dividend -D3
Details Of Unclaimed Dividend -D4
Request to provide hard copy of Annual Reports Hard copy request form
Buyback/Purchase of Company Shares

FInal Report of JSIL Buy Back (11-Sep-2019)

Cancellation of shares (11-Sep-2019)

Letter to PSX payment against accepted shares (3-Sep-2019)

Letter to PSX confirming total shares tendered - (2-Sept-2019)

Letter to PSX for deposit of remaining Buyback amount in Escrow Account - (28-Aug-2019)

Disclosure of material price sensitive information to PSX - (5-Aug-2019)

Disclosure of material Price sensitive information to PSX - (2 Aug 2019)

Letter to PSX Maintenance of 25 Percent deposit in Escrow Account - (1 Aug 2019)

Letter to PSX for Dispatch of Documents - (31 Jul 2019)

Tender Offer Form

Public Announcement

Tender Offer Letter

Public Announcement published on 25 July 2019

Certified Copies of Special Resolution - 24Jul2019 (3)

Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting

Board meeting announcement for 25Jun2019 for Buy Back

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