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Fund Applicable Date Offer Price (Rs.) Redemption Price (Rs.)
JS Growth Fund 20th Nov, 2017  191.09  185.52
JS Income Fund 20th Nov, 2017  98.90  97.92
JS Capital Protected Fund V 20th Nov, 2017  102.55  100.51
JS Value Fund 20th Nov, 2017  211.37  205.21
Unit Trust Of Pakistan 20th Nov, 2017  166.78  161.92
JS Islamic Fund 20th Nov, 2017  111.31  108.06
JS Large Cap. Fund 20th Nov, 2017  137.78  133.76
JS Islamic Income Fund (Formerly: JS Islamic Government Securities Fund) 20th Nov, 2017  103.08  102.05
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds - MUSTANAD 17th Nov, 2017  103.85  103.85
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds - MUSTAHKEM 17th Nov, 2017  96.70  96.21
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds - MUNAFA 17th Nov, 2017 ▶ 86.61 ▶ 84.08
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds - MUFEED 17th Nov, 2017  86.30  83.78
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds JSIAAP I 17th Nov, 2017  103.95  100.54
JS Fund of Funds 17th Nov, 2017  53.50  51.94
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds - MUTANASIB 17th Nov, 2017 ▶ 87.14 ▶ 84.60
JS Cash Fund* 21st Nov, 2017 104.66 103.62
* For purchase payment realized on Saturday, which is not a Subscription Day, please refer to Clause 5.6 (4) of the OD

News and Press

  • 10th November, 2017
    JSIL Lipper Fund Award
  • 6th November, 2017
    JS Investments Introduces Income Payment Plan
  • 25th October, 2017
    Announcement for the Quarter ended September 30, 2017
  • 12th October, 2017
    Achiev your investment goals with JS Investments
  • 12th October, 2017
    JS Investments - Bringing you financial peace of mind

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As on (31st Oct, 2017)

Assets Under Management (AUM) PKR 13.038 Billion
Market Capitalization PKR .827 Billion

Scope of Services

JSIL possesses a diverse set of licenses catering to investment requirements at both the individual and institutional level.

Corporate Governance

Our long-term corporate success depends, among other things, on our ability to conduct business in a responsible manner.

Awards & Recognition

Three JS Equity Funds among World's Top 100 in 2012- Lipper:

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee (IC) is responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors the investment policies and strategies

Our Products

You set higher goals we’ll help you attain them

Mutual Funds

JSIL's mutual fund product suite provides the most diverse range of products under a single Asset Management Company in Pakistan. This includes funds for every investment strategy and risk profile.


Pension Funds

Government employees have historically been the only people in Pakistan with access to pension schemes while a sizeable majority of the population, salaried professionals and self-employed


Investment Advisory

The most adept investors recognize the important role that asset allocation, diversification and a long-term focus play in achieving investment goals. JSIL offers customized Investment


Discontinued Products

In order to increase the economies of scale and benefit our investors by combining their investments into large pool for funds, certain JS Funds have been merged and the previous ones have been discontinued.


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